“…better yet, our engagement session felt more like three best friends gathered together for adventure rather than a photographer working with another couple- simply my favorite part of the entire experience.”

Hello, Love!

Holy buckets, congratulations on your engagement and welcome!! 

I’m so excited to meet you, but first, you should know… 

I’m the funniest person I know, according to me.

I talk to my brides more than I talk to my mom.

Daydreamers are my people.

I believe that everyone should touch the sparkle on the Eiffel Tower at least once.

Please grab your person’s butt, life is short.

I feed expired meters.

My brain, it doesn’t quiet.  Not even to namaste.  Side note: I cannot touch my toes.

I believe in climbing all of the mountains and doing all of the things.

There is no greater bliss than a Granny’s Donut and a warm cup of coffee (Bozeman, MT).

I tend to treat inspirational quotes as a guide map of what to do next.

I do not believe in real pants Monday-Friday or Sunday.

Words hold more power when written on a typewritter.

I’m known for laughing at my own jokes, to the point of tears, days later.

I do not believe that the Christmas spirit should be confined to December.

Laundry is meant to be washed, dried, and then left in the basket to wrinkle.

I secretly prefer people that hug tightly.

Couples: they are my JAM.  And I’m so crazy excited to meet you!


April Sky


April Sky Photography

Bozeman, MT based wedding photographer available to travel anywhere