Oh my goodness! Such an incredible evening full of stories, laughter, muddy shakes, and more laughter. Weston has truly won the lottery with this one. Kaity is not only obviously gorgeous, but her words are kind, her laughter is genuine, and her brain is huge! She’s pretty lucky herself finding a guy who I’m pretty sure does not stop smiling. Ever.

These two have, to date, the most romantic engagement I have had the pleasure of hearing. Spending a charming weekend at Chico, Kaity and Weston embarked on a dog sledding adventure that took them throughout the most beautiful snowy backdrop. Straight out of a Hallmark Movie so far right? When the sled was stopped for a mini break and an adorable picnic, the guide, having already been informed that the big question was about to be asked, took Kaity’s phone to capture a couple’s photo against such a beautiful location. After he clicked the first shot, it was then that Weston traditionally got down on one knee and spoke those sweet sweet words that changed their lives forever. So. Stinking. Adorable.