“A day without laughter is a day wasted. “Charlie Chaplin, thank you for your perception! In the mayhem of overbooked appointment books, absolutely necessary double espresso shots, piles of unfolded clean (and now wrinkled) laundry, and exceptionally loud sticky toddlers, our souls require the natural comfort of laughter, even if it’s in secret as your child uses an inappropriate word that you know they learned from you. To me, laughter equals happiness and happiness is exactly what brought me to my camera.


Hi! I’m April (not sure if I’m supposed to introduce myself) and I have been going steady with Canon for just shy of two years! The other main man in my life is my son, Jaemon who literally never is still. Ever. It makes taking his photo such an enjoyable experience. Not really. While I do enjoy capturing images of just about anything, I absolutely LOVE photographing couples. Most specifically, romantically frisky couples. This blog will be where my couples truly get to shine. From their inside jokes and tears of laughter, to their stolen glances and hints of affection, we will be sharing only the good (and appropriate) pieces of our time spent together! Happy reading! 🙂