So, why spotlight couples? Why fill my summers to the absolute brim with work occasions? Why overtake my desk, counters, and bed with generous piles of memory cards and prints? Why accept extreme fasting as a lifestyle because, let’s face it, wedding photographers rarely have time to pee let alone eat when on the job. Why listen to “All the Single Ladies” (least favorite song ever) over and over again? Why have the most awesome job in the whole world? Because, simply put, being in the presence of love never gets old. Ever. I mean, the wedding cake certainly sweetens the deal (I’m so clever) but it’s the timeless history and intense chemistry between two people that makes a career out of couples a most charming dream.

Actually being yourself is not only ridiculously ideal, it’s a scarce art. An art that, unfortunately, falls by the wayside more often than not, especially Monday through Friday, eight to five. Let me know if you can relate to the following: Your professional smile is plastered to your poor face until you literally have to stretch out your mouth, while your exhausted body drags or perhaps rolls itself to the nearest coffee pot in hopes to bathe in it’s caffeinated goodness. Sound familiar? Not to me! I still sometimes roll to the nearest coffee shop, but that’s only because I stayed up late loving the absolute heck out of what I do! 🙂 While putting a camera in my hand makes me tickled pink to begin with, adding a fun-loving couple into the mixture that genuinely enjoys life and each other transforms my “job” into a career where I can be an honest-to-goodness version of myself. Find what makes you happy and do it. “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucius