Ladies and gentleman, it is my absolute pleasure to introduce these one-of-a-kind gems, a true champion couple, the daddy of them all: Meg and Zach. From their ridiculously playful humor, to the shotgunning of the beers immediately following the ceremony, these two had me rolling in the best kinds of giggles. About the tenth time that I wiped away actual tears of laughter, I then realized that these were my people. While I get along with and love on absolutely every personality type nature has to offer, I truly shine with those that hold no judgement in their heart, consider laughter a part of their hourly routine, and have not a care in the world for what others may think.

If you were to type the words “romantic” and “frisky” into a Google search engine, my  money is on seeing an adorably inappropriate photo of these two, likely striking a pose. Mirroring each other’s personality to a tee, Meg and Zach not only have an offbeat or out of this world love for one another, but they have fun. Not like Bingo night on Thursdays and sharing a light beer kind of fun, but an intensive fun that about 95% of us wish we were brave enough or cool enough to partake in. Keep on keeping on you two! xoxo