Rain, rain – go away, come again another day! This familiar tune was quietly playing in the background all morning on this beautifully crisp day in late September. As luck would have it, Mashayla and Marty had their first look beneath a perfectly clear sky as they shared in their last moments becoming Mr. and Mrs.

I have had the pleasure of knowing sweet Mashayla since before she was a standout mother to her precious little girl, since before she held down an admirable career making the world more beautiful, and since before she was loved fiercely by a man named Marty. A man who literally had to be pushed out the door so as not to see his beautiful bride prior to the ceremonial first look. A man who, from day one, was completely taken with Mashayla and had no reservations in showing it. A man who treats everyone around him like family and treats his family like they are everything. I wish you two only the best and cannot wait to watch your family grow! xoxo