Bozeman, Montana – a rare ambience that draws you in and truly maintains a part of your beautiful soul when you must leave. Strolling along downtown Bozeman, you are suddenly within the movie set of a feel-good Hallmark film accompanied by a pleasing panoramic view of the mountains. Within minutes, your life can be changed as you hike up Sacajawea Peak and take in the highest view from the Bridger Mountain Range. There’s an energy from the campus settled around town that brings your wildest memories back to a time where possibilities were countless, futures were bright, and love was always one social occasion away or, in Mandy and Ryan’s case, the accumulation of three years worth of social occasions away.

First noticing the attraction between one another in their dorm cafeteria three years prior to officially dating, this Montana couple danced around their potential time and time again. As they say, timing is everything. At last, an opportunity presented itself, and their growing interest in each other’s outstanding character was put to the test. I can still recall the giddiness in Mandy’s voice that matched flawlessly with the excitement shining in her eyes as she recalled the details, all PG of course, of a classic first date.

An interest turned into a connection and that connection matured into love, the good kind. Eight crazy years later and these two still resemble those kids in school, drunk on love. Having recently announced the newest member to their beautiful family, I can say, with no reservation, that their story is going to be a great one. Anything is possible when a man loves a woman. xoxo